Samshine Bookworm

Thanks for joining me! This is my book review blog. I didn’t learn how to fully read until I was in second grade. It was a slow process, but once I understood how I was off on an adventure of the imagination.

“Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are.” –Mason Cooley

Now I have more than 400 books in my personal library. I have been collecting books for my birthday and christmas since I was a child. Then I worked at a Borders bookstore for a few years. I have found some of the best books in thrift stores. Sometimes you just can’t find the books you are looking for in a thrift store, so I enjoy shoping at my local comic book stores.

Thanks for checking out some of my book blog. If you are interest in expanding your Esoteric knowledge you can follow my blogs Samshine Astrology, Samshine Gemstone, Samshine Rainbow, & Samshine Tarot. If you would like to check out my artwork you can follow my blogs Samshine Art,  Samshine Glass & Samshine Crossing


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